All posts for the month May, 2012

I’ve officially sent out an email letting all interested parties know that the kit is available again. This time, I’m going to focus on just building and testing the boards and let the installation be done by the end user or a local service center. The new style boards require more end-user work, but it’s mostly removing IC’s and installing sockets.

We’re pretty much done with software development for now; both mine and Jim’s schedules will only allow for bug fixes or minor tweaks. That may change in the future. SCSI support is pretty much gone. The new board has locations for the SCSI components but I won’t be installing them unless by special request.

Next, I have to work on a revised service manual to go with the new CPU board. The text is almost done, just need to take some pictures of the process.

Hopefully there are a few people left who haven’t lost interest and moved over to soft-synths…