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  1. Hi Tom, what are the outstanding issues with the DSS-1 upgrade firmware? I’ve had mine for about 20 months and haven’t noticed anything funky, but I also haven’t been too demanding of it. Would be nice to know what I should look out for. Thanks!

    • The most glaring issue is that some third party DSS-1 disks won’t load correctly due to illegal characters (by FAT16 standards) in the file names. Also, it the mod doesn’t work correctly with some OLED displays. Finally, I found an issue where audio is distorted when you play too many notes near the ‘top key’ of a sample. This appears to be a heat related hardware issue with the custom Korg IC’s. Whether this could be mitigated in software, I don’t know – or if it only happens with the upgraded software.

  2. Completely understandable Tom. The supply situation is such a problem and doesn’t look like resolving any time soon.

    Spoke to Guy W today who is placing his final JX-10 VFD order for the same reason and indeed Noritake can only supply half of what he was intending to buy.

    ‘Interesting’ times :-/

  3. Hi Tom!

    I´m pleased to hear that you are fine during all the uppevil in the world.
    I might be interested in the ASR 10 digital I/O. Have you been able to figure out the possible over-heating issue on the ASR 10 rack-unit?

    What is the asking price for the digital I/O unit for shipping to Sweden?

    All the best,

  4. Hi Tom great work!
    I recently bought an ASR-X Expanded, with 8 outputs and the World Rom and 32mB RAM but no SCSI board. Does your board fit on a black ASR-X? Its the only thing that makes it unfriendly to use with modern hardware and its a pity to have it collecting dust.

    THanks in advance!

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