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  1. Hi Tom,

    how is the ordering process for one of the modification kits for the DSS-1?

    And question to the usb connection: Can I just connect to a simple usb card reader or a usb harddrive?

    Best regards


  2. Hello Tom,

    I would like to purchase an upgrade kit and have it shiped to NYC. How do I buy the item – can I pay using paypal?


  3. sorry to bother you again.

    I bought a DSS-1 off of eBay, and just got it yesterday. I had already bid on it before I found your website. Now, I would have preferred to have bought one of yours already built for $500, assuming you even have one.

    The unit I bought was supposed to have been in “excellent condition”, but won’t let me get past the ***KORG DSS-1***. SAMPLING SYNTHESIZER. screen on the display. I’ve turned it on and off several times, given it ten minutes to allow me to access the system, and it just keeps displaying that same screen.

    So, my question is, is that just a firmware issue that you could fix? Or should I send it back to the seller, get a refund, and get one of yours (assuming you have one), or buy a different one and send it to you?

    Thanks for your time!


    • There are several things that can halt the boot process. One if them is a missing or faulty connection between the CPU-1 and CPU-2 boards which is a connector on the lower right of the KLM-780 board. A faulty floppy controller IC will also cause the problem. If you open it up, check for any loose or missing connectors.

  4. I bought a korg dss-1 from ebay. Every time I try to format the disk or save a sample i get disk error. loading sounds from the preset disks works fine, but saving my own doesn’t seem to work. I’ve removed disk protection and made it writable. Is the floppy broken? should I get it fixed? or am I doing something wrong?

  5. Hi Tom,

    are there any news about the upgrade kit for DSS-1. You announced it for summer 2019 an I hardly con await it :-))

    Regards, Florian

    • Unfortunately it’s going to take longer. I took a new job last year which I had hoped would give me more time but it turned out to be the opposite. However things are changing and I hope to have more time in the next 6 months.

      • Keep up the great work, and thank you for all you have done for the DSS-1 musician community! Looking forward to the new upgrade kit and congratulations on the new job becoming more amenable to your DSS-1 project!

  6. I also would like to get the DSS-1 upgrade kit. It looks like my main CPU board (with the 8085A-2 CPU) went south, and I am looking forward to the improved performance with this kit.

  7. Hi, Tom – I’d like to be added to the list as well. I have a pair of DSS-1’s. Please advise as to pre-order.

  8. Hi,
    I’d like to be warned when you make new kit available as, if I understand well, you don’t do pre order or have a waiting list.
    Thanks !

  9. Hi Tom,

    my first ask for an uppgrade kit is from 2016. In August 2019 I asked again to get an upgrade kit for my DSS-1. Will I live long enough to get one? I´m 67 in the meanwhile….

    Regards Florian

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