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I’m finding it so easy to update the site now that I’ve revised several sections. I’ve added information on almost every section, and added a couple of new ones, for the EPS-16 and EIII. I’m also going to try and find a way to have direct download links for the DSS-1 files and other hard-to-find files. I have a bunch of EPROM images that might be useful…


I finally have the site moved over to a new server and am using WordPress. All thanks to my brother Paul, who did a superb job on this site and his own, Airborne Sound.

I have the following boards available now:

DSS-1 upgrade kit $250.00
DSS-1 board modification $100.00
DSS-1 full upgrade installation (includes board modification) $150.00

ASR-10 SCSI board $249.00

ASR-10 digital I/O board $199.00

EPS-16 SCSI board $149.00

Prices do not include shipping. For small orders, shipping is $15 in the lower 48 United States, $35 for the rest of the world.