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I have 25 kits available immediately, the price is 300.00 plus shipping, first come, first served.

Now the details:

  • I no longer offer the LCD upgrade or floppy/combo drives. The LCD upgrade is fairly simple to do for most users. The procedure is detailed in the installation guide (under Downloads).
  • The KLM780, KLM782 boards (with attached KLM-1061) must be sent to me for modification. I discourage most users from trying to do the modification themselves, unless you are an experienced technician. It becomes difficult and costly to try and solve post-installation problems, especially if you are outside of the continental US.
  • There is no discount if you decide to install yourself. I’m offering free installation as an incentive to avoid further problems down the line.
  • A Gotek drive can be used with the upgrade, though it’s really only useful for importing disk images to the ‘native’ file based format. The same goes for a regular floppy drive. Once your floppy disks are imported, it isn’t really necessary. A better solution might be a 3.5″ multi card reader with additional USB port.
  • Please allow 2-3 weeks for modification.
  • LCD modules are available from several sources: eBay, BuyDisplay, Newhaven Display, Crystalfontz, Focus LCD’s, Ali Express, etc. You will need to consult the data sheet for pinout information. Some displays have a current limiting resistor on the display module itself, others don’t. OLED displays currently don’t work properly, but this is being worked on. The module format is 20×2 characters, 116mm x 37mm module size.
  • You will need to run the memory test BEFORE sending the boards in. If there are errors, the boards will require additional repairs, the cost will depend on parts and time. The upgraded DSS-1 won’t boot if it detects memory errors.