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  1. Hi Tom,
    I’m Bruno from Turin (Italy), I’m glad You’ve restarted the production of the upgrade for the DSS1.
    I’m interested if I’m in the first 25 to write to You. My DSS1 has a Gotek HXC for loading Systems from the library, if this matter…
    Let me know how to send, where, how to pay (300 € or $ or £).
    Thanks in advance.

    Bruno Pochettino
    Via Udine 11 10040 Rivalta (To)

  2. Hi,

    I have just installed the upgraded PCB that Tom sent me.
    Guys, this man has made a superb job with my DSS-1.

    He works very professionally and the upgrade is just amazing. You won’t believe how fast is loading a full library now (yes, 16MB at once!). He has included an internal flash memory with virtually all the known libraries for the DSS-1; it feels like having an internal (huge) hard drive.

    The new board still has a secondary USB drive (I have attached a USB extension cable to it that allows me to plug any USB drive externally) and my Flashfloppy drive works perfectly as it used to do prior to the upgrade.

    The new LCD is also great (especially if your EL-backlight is gone).

    Every existing DSS-1 should get this upgrade!!!

  3. Just bought a DSS-1 and found your page. Please let me know if you decide to make the kit available again.Thanks!

  4. Hello Tom,
    Is there possible that you offer a New DSS Batch of this crazy powerful lovely insane project for make ressurection of dss1 ?

  5. Hi. Just registering interest for if you change your mind and decide to offer DSS-1 upgrade installations or kits again. I’m near London. Cheers.

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