All posts for the month September, 2015

Nothing much new to report. School is back and my daily commute to work is 90 minutes again. Combined with the 10 hours per day, six days per week work schedule, guarantees that nothing much will be getting done for a while. The ASR10 SCSI card issue has been resolved. Supplies of the EPS16 SCSI card and DI-10 digital audio interface for the ASR-10 are running low. I’ve added a bunch of new items on the gear for sale page. I’m trying to clear out some of my less used gear.

I’ve contemplated designing a conversion kit for the ASR-10 ┬áto go from a VFD to an LCD (purple screen). Looks like they used a device with an external EPROM to emulate the functionality of the old display controller so it’s technically feasible. The only question is whether the newer LCD displays will physically fit in the space. I’d just have to get a hold of a purple screen ASR or at the very least a purple screen ASR display board. Might work with the EPS /16 series as well.