All posts for the month November, 2016

I just looked at the date of the last post, and it’s been well over a year. Everyone has been asking when the DSS-1 and DSM-1 upgrades will be available. To be honest there hasn’t been a lot of work done on them recently. There are several reasons for this but mostly I’ve been too busy with house renovations, family, and work. Also the new microcontroller I had planned on using was more than 18 months late (it was announced in January 2015). I have finally received some samples and will start work on it soon, time permitting. I don’t expect the upgrades to be available until the end of 2017.

As for the other projects, the ASR-10 SCSI boards are still available, as are the CEM5530 replacement modules. The EPS16 SCSI boards are sold out. I haven’t decided whether I will do another batch of them since I would rather use the time for the Korg upgrades.

People often ask how to order boards from me. What I need is your PayPal email address and your shipping address, so I can send an invoice. I only ship on weekends now as I can’t get to the post office during the week.

All of the equipment posted for sale has been sold. I’ve also stopped buying, repairing, and reselling synths as I have no time to do it and there is minimal financial return.