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  1. Hi Tom – Good luck with all the new adventures. Was just checking in to see whether the DSS-1 upgrades were still available. Has been sort of a dream project to upgrade my old DSS-1 now sitting in my storage unit… maybe someday. Thanks for all your support for this beast over the years that I’ve been checking in on your website… almost ten years. Wow time flies.

    • I don’t write the firmware and the person who did has moved on. One of the many reasons why I’m doing a new design and writing the firmware myself. In addition if the timing were changed to support the OLED display, then it may break compatibility with ‘regular’ LCD displays. I suppose there could be a power on option holding down a key which would enable you to select two different timing schemes. I will test the design out with an OLED display once the new design is further along.

  2. Hello from San Francisco! I am just putting up a comment that there are many of us out here excited by the idea that more DSS-1 upgrades may be possible in the future 🙂 The DSS-1 facebook group seems to be growing as well. Fingers are crossed on my end for the day I can either have you mod my synth or buy upgrade components from ya! Thanks for all your hard work!

  3. I am also interested in the DSS-1 upgrades and hope that there’s still activity toward a new run of boards or revised implementation.

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