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In recent months I’ve been learning KiCad, which is an open source EDA package available for many platforms. Version 5 has just been released, and it now imports EAGLE projects. EAGLE has been purchased by Autodesk, and they have been rapidly improving and updating the software. The only problem is that it is now a yearly subscription model, and I can’t justify spending $500.00 per year when I don’t do PCB design on a regular basis. EAGLE version 7.70 has served me well up to this point but KiCad is free and also has many of the features of the new Autodesk EAGLE. It doesn’t have an autorouter, but I’ve rarely used one in the past anyway. It does have interactive push and shove routing which I find to be more useful.

I’ve also updated the links section with a few corrections and additions.


Just received the SCSI boards from the manufacturer and they look great. This time, made them ENIG instead of HASL (better quality). And because I got more made this time, the price is now $129.00 instead of $149.00.

Send me an email (via the contact form) and I will send you a PayPal invoice. Make sure your shipping information in PayPal is up to date, and let me know the PayPal email address, and where you are located, so I can calculate shipping.