4 comments on “ASR-10 SCSI boards (continued)

  1. Thanks Tom for making the SP-3 SCSI board. I was able to install without any issues. The analog jack board on the ASR-10 had to be isolated from the mounting tabs and screws, but once that was set all went fine. I’ve been using it for about a month now with no problems.

  2. Tom, I also bought the SP-3 SCSI board but I’m having problems with any instrument using 44.1kHz effects. Changing the effects to 30kHz is a workaround. What are the latest developments with this issue?

    • Hi Ralph, your board is already on its way, but for everyone else: There are two IC’s on the board that need to be replaced, as they are marginal for the 44.1kHz sampling rate. FWIW this also affects the original Ensoniq SP-3 SCSI boards.

  3. Hey Tom, just wanted to say the re-tooled SCSI board did the trick. It’s been working perfectly ever since I got it back. Wouldn’t want an ASR-10 without the SCSI2SD capability. Thanks again.

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