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  1. My ASR 10 does not have a SCSI connection. Will this kit rectify that? I need to connect my ASR to my computer. Can you tell me what I need? What interface to use, and if this kit is not what I need then what?

    • What do you intend to do with the computer? Is it sequencing or sample editing? If it’s just sequencing, you just need a MIDI interface on your computer.

      • So I can do that without the SCSI? OK. Please give me all particulars in having the SCSI as I may want to still purchase your kit if it is still available. Anything i can do or have to enhance my ASR 10.

        • SCSI will give you the ability to load and save much faster, and organize sounds, banks, etc into folders. You can also boot up from SCSI and it will make operating it quicker in many respects.

      • Hi. I’m putting together a personal music studio and I want my ASR to connect and work flawlessly so i’m looking the best recommended PC, software, I have a TEAC interface so I can produce and record my music. Also would like recommendation on recorders also. I want to make it work and it starts with my ASR 10 which i’ve had for years and I still love it. Whatever i can do and need to make this happen would be appreciated with your advise.

        • My advice is to visit a music store, tell them what you have and what you want to accomplish. They will be far more knowledgeable on what options are available.

      • Hi Q,
        Stay away from Presonus. Mac, go Logic. Set it up and it is solid every time you have an idea or want to pick up where you left off.
        PC Reaper is the best value and cleanest code (runs lean so sys usage always smooth. The entire app is less then 20MB. It is a bit to get your head around. It has every option PT or Logic has and more. The most user friendly app I have ever seen.The same guy that wrote WinAmp.
        Get a linked in learning account and take the course. You will be up and running with confidence.
        Or take the Pro Tools course, Logic, Audacity…they have them all. That $30 for the LI Learning will be worth every penny.
        I wish someone had told me what direction to go when I was first starting out..
        Good luck!

      • Thank you so much for that very very useful information. I will indeed follow your advise. Thanks again.

  2. Hey Tom,
    Do you still have these available? Does the SCSI port that plugs into the card and mounts to the back come with it? I am in the Bay Area of California. Thanks – Michael

  3. Hi Tom,

    I cannot believe it! I kick my self for years for not buying this with the original keyboard.
    And you remade it..wow!
    I am very interested in the ASR SP-3 SCSI board. (or your version of it).
    Did I miss the componants that come with it? I’ll but them all from you to make sure it comes as a package and hopefully dodging incompatibility.
    I am ready to buy today, but don’t know exactly what else I need..
    Also, as this is your build, what is the warranty terms?
    Please refer me to the place where those details if they are in fact on the site and I missed them.

    Thank you again for rolling the dice and building those boards.


    • I’m stopping sales of the SCSI board until further notice. An issue has come up that affects some, but not all, ASR-10’s. The kit comes with all hardware, cables, and SCSI mounting plate. As far as warranty goes, I’ll replace or repair it indefinitely, within reason (the end user has not damaged the board or cables during installation or usage).

      • Argh, so sad to read that…
        Any ETA for the next batch ?
        Is the DI-10 still available ?

        Thank you Tom.

          • Great news for the availability of the DI-10.
            I’m a little bit concerned by the overheating issue.
            I work with an ASR-10 rack and always with the lidd removed.
            Would it be enough to prevent any problem for long sessions ?

            Thank you

          • I found that removing the lid prevents the problem with the DI-10. Also, it may not happen with every unit, depending on the revision of the ASR-10.

      • Hi,

        Did you ever get an answer to this issue?
        I have an older asr from 1994, I got an SCSI board direct from ensoniq a few months after buying the keyboard and the scsi board always caused an issue where the keyboard would emit loud bursts of digital/white noise when it was set to 44.1khz. It worked fine at 30k however no problem. Never knew what the issue was and never did get it sorted but the keyboard would only ever work at 44.1 with the scsi board disconnected. Just wondering if this is similar to what your boards may have been encountering?

        Kind regards.

  4. Hi Tom,
    I’m super interested by your ASR-10 scsi board.
    However, I’m wondering how does the termination power works ? Extra cable connected to the usb/power input of the SCSI2SD?
    Or does the power travels thru the SCSI cable ?
    It’s a bit blurry…

    Thank you for your answer.

  5. Help does anyone have the electrical diagram ASR.10? I can’t find it anywhere ..When I connect the board, the fuse blows 😏…Here in Brazil, there is not much information about..I’m unemployed, I can’t send it to fix it …Thank you all..

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