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  1. Proud owner of a Korg DSM-1, I would like to receive any info about any possibility of update.



  2. Hi!

    I’m also interested in getting a synthesis boost of my newly acquired DSM-1. I’m happy to read about your work on this.


  3. My DSS-1 drive no longer will load sample disk. I have never used my DSS-1 as a MIDI Keyboard Controller but was wondering if you think it will still work as one without the disk drive working? Thanks for your expertise.

  4. Have one lurking around to get a floppy drive installed and collected the library. A working hardware hack for rrsonance control and hooking it up on a cv/midi control would b cool 🙂

  5. Previous post was meant foor the DSM-1 section. Also have the DSS-1 standing around. I really like the draw waveform option on this big monster. Whenever expansions for both DSS-1/DSM-1 become available im good for both to expand my 2 DS-es 🙂

  6. If you do a DSM-1 update please do something making it possible to use the resonance. Its withing the DSM-1 filter chips but not accessible from the user interface. Have the DSM-1 and three DSS-1. I can live without having two osc. on the DSM-1 and other things it lacks from the DSS-1 but having resonance would be very very nice.

  7. Hey Tom, did you get any further on with this project? I’ve got a DSM I’ve had laying around for a few years. It didn’t come with any floppy’s and I’ve not seen an editor/librarian whereby I can dump data over MIDI. I’m guessing until I can load a disk its just a big shiny black brick? I’m on Mac so the CopyQM route isn’t an option.

    • I’m still working on it sporadically, but in the meantime you could install an HxC and use disc images. I have some DSM-1 images which I will put up in the Downloads section. You can use both the DSS-1 images or DSM-1 images.

  8. Hi, Tom.

    I was wondering if you are still working on this project and if so when do you think the upgrade will be ready? Thx

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