2 comments on “Prophet 3000 RAM upgrade

  1. Hi
    Impressive work!
    Do you know how to distinguish first and second generation units? I’d like to know about mine…
    Thank you

  2. Just found your site Tom after (sadly) pulling my P3000 out of the dustbin. I need to get the thing working again and was also interested in doing a memory upgrade to 8MB. I’ve got a “B” machine with 4MB already, so maybe 8MB is workable. And yeah- staring at schematics, that multiplexed data/row/column “R” bus just looks nasty. Interesting on the timing and that that’s why they’ve got those octal buffers sprinkled all over. I was considering trying to do a design using SIMMs instead of discrete chips but the multiplexed bus likely shoots that one down.

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