All posts for the month March, 2009

I just finished a grueling 8 week installation at my workplace. We gutted two of our studios and installed two brand new Euphonix System 5 Fusion consoles. Today is the first day they go online.

I got two more sets of boards back from manufacturing. The first adds support for flash memory, more RAM, and USB to the DSS-1 retrofit board. Can’t really test it out until the new software is written. Also got back the 16 Meg memory boards. I discovered much to my dismay that the DRAM chips I am using are not 5V tolerant, nor is the 3.3V side of the level translator IC I am using for the data bus. Back to the drawing board!

Hopefully I’ll get the add-on board for the DSS-1 built and sent to the programmer for testing this week.