All posts for the month December, 2012

The DSS-1 mod kits are sold out until early next year. Thanks to everyone that bought one!

My current focus is on the SP-2 SCSI interface for the EPS-16. Garth at Rubber Chicken Systems┬áhas kindly referred his customers to me, as nobody is making the SP-2 anymore. I’m starting off with 30 units, and will build more if demand is strong.

I am also redesigning the CEM5530 board. It’s going to be a 4 layer board and be a bit smaller and have a cleaner layout. There is also someone else who has designed a CEM5530 replacement, and it looks very nice.

Getting a couple of DSS-1’s ready for customers this weekend. I now have 2 left, and I’m reducing the price to $450 since they have some cosmetic issues. I also have some other items for sale, check out the Gear for Sale page.