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  1. Hey Tom,

    Is there synth tech on the east coast (washington DC – NYC area) that can do the DSS-1 mod?


    • I don’t have experience with anyone other than the Synth Spa in Wisconsin. If you find someone you would like to use, have them contact me for more information. The installation manuals are available under ‘Downloads’

  2. hope you had a great holiday

    i have been rushed of my feet with repair work and working on our new production studio will be having some releases in january

    hope your family is well i have 1 customer in january that wants the the dss1 upgrade did you manage to complete any of those kits as i know you were busy

    when i get time ill post you those schematics for the dual voice boards had to change some values after doing the bread board tests

    hope to do some international co working on songs with our production company and james sanger http://www.vibeystudios.com

    thanks jammie those dual usb you can get them from farnell they were £4 +vat but work great you also need 2 motherboard to usb type a cables i just keep the original floppy drives and clean them all works great and the dss1 drives are 1.44mb versions as i have formated 1.44mb disks the the exteneded dss1 floppy routines

    love and peace

  3. Heya,Tom! I was wondering if you still offer DSS-1 upgrades? I just picked one up in really good condition and would love to send it in for your magic treatment 🙂 Or, perhaps you are sending out new upgrade kits that I could have installed? I am in the SF Bay Area but come to LA pretty regularly if you are in LA. Thanks for any info and for keeping this beast going for everyone!

  4. Hi Tom, what would be a proper way to convert Omniflop images to HxC HFE format? I used to convert *.dsk files without any problems, but can’t get the SW tool worming with IMG. Should I import them as raw? What parameters should I pick there?
    thanks in advance,

    • I’ve never used the HxC myself but according to the manual it will import IMG files. However IMG can be PC or Prophet 2002 (according to the manual). Probably worth asking Lotharek himself.

      • Thanks for your reply Tom!
        Could you please let me know, how you converted the disk image files into DMS format?
        I noticed, that it’s possible to rip out the samples from DMS image file using Audacity raw data import.

        • The DMS files are not disk images, but Multisound data files. When the upgraded DSS-1 saves a System, the System, Multisound, MIDI, and sample files are all saved individually to DOS formatted drives.The .DMS files are saved with 16-bit data format though only 12 bits are used. Same for the sample files, which are actually saved as .WAV files. There is a 349 byte header in front of the sample data in DMS files.

  5. Hello Tom,
    Do you know a tool to extract *.wav samples from the DSS-1 floppy images e.g *.dsk, *.img or *.hfe files?
    Thank you in advance for an answers!

  6. Hi,i don’t know if this thread or post for the Korg DSS-1 is still going but i have a DSS-1that i was given for payment for my work services and it came with a 3 drawer case full of 165 floppy discs or diskettes with every sound effect, instrument , Human and Animals voices , etc that you can think of.
    my question is how can i test these discs other than using the Korg DSS-1 cause im not familiar with the DSS-! or know how to program it to play theses diskettes.
    also the person who i got the DSS-1 from mentioned that they were on top of a wooden speaker cabinet. would that damage the diskettes if they were in a plastic 3 drawer case sitting on wooden speaker cabinet being theres a speaker inside the cabinet that has a magnet?
    i need to make sure before i sell it. also with a Yamaha DX-7
    thanks for any and all help….


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