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  1. Hi,
    I have 2 DSS-1,and I want to add the kit,but your kit is sold out now…
    Possibility is I try to buy your moded DSS-1.
    My location is Japan,Can you shipp it Japan?
    I can pay by PayPal.
    Let me know


    • Hi Sunao,

      I do have some modified DSS-1’s left. However I will have more of the kits in January, as well. I also have someone in Japan that can help you do the modification, if you don’t want to do it yourself.

      Shipping a complete DSS-1 to Japan will probably be $150 – $200 USD.

      Thank you!


  2. hi, i am in BC Canada.
    i am interested in the Quadrasynth Plus, but only if it has the 8mb Grand Piano sample on board as part of the 24 mb ROM bank.
    does all the midi in/out/thru work ok?



  3. Do u have the 16 original library for thr asr10 if u do, do u make copies of thm and sale them.if do how much..thank u Dj Duck….

  4. Are the ASR’s still available? Any tips for repairing mine? I turn it on and all of the lights come on and remain solid. LCD shows no activity unless i press buttons. For example, I press Load and an 8 appears on the LCD. I tried reseating ribbon cables and using a compressed air vac to blow out the insides but still the same results.

    Also, any idea if the DI-10 will dump 8 tracks simultaneously? Any idea where I can find more info on that? I don’t current;y have one but if it will dump digitally, that may be worth the investment. I’m currently borrowing my brother’s ASR to dump some old work into Pro Tools (via a Digi002). If i can save time by using a DI-10, that would be a huge help!

    Thanks for any assistance you may be able to provide!

  5. Hi, MY ASR 10 rack has packed up- just a couple of lights are lit when power is on. Nothing on the screen, no sound. Could it be the main circuit board needs replacing and can you sell me one? I am in Hong Kong.

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