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  1. Hi,
    I have 2 DSS-1,and I want to add the kit,but your kit is sold out now…
    Possibility is I try to buy your moded DSS-1.
    My location is Japan,Can you shipp it Japan?
    I can pay by PayPal.
    Let me know


    • Hi Sunao,

      I do have some modified DSS-1’s left. However I will have more of the kits in January, as well. I also have someone in Japan that can help you do the modification, if you don’t want to do it yourself.

      Shipping a complete DSS-1 to Japan will probably be $150 – $200 USD.

      Thank you!


  2. hi, i am in BC Canada.
    i am interested in the Quadrasynth Plus, but only if it has the 8mb Grand Piano sample on board as part of the 24 mb ROM bank.
    does all the midi in/out/thru work ok?



  3. Do u have the 16 original library for thr asr10 if u do, do u make copies of thm and sale them.if do how much..thank u Dj Duck….

  4. Are the ASR’s still available? Any tips for repairing mine? I turn it on and all of the lights come on and remain solid. LCD shows no activity unless i press buttons. For example, I press Load and an 8 appears on the LCD. I tried reseating ribbon cables and using a compressed air vac to blow out the insides but still the same results.

    Also, any idea if the DI-10 will dump 8 tracks simultaneously? Any idea where I can find more info on that? I don’t current;y have one but if it will dump digitally, that may be worth the investment. I’m currently borrowing my brother’s ASR to dump some old work into Pro Tools (via a Digi002). If i can save time by using a DI-10, that would be a huge help!

    Thanks for any assistance you may be able to provide!

  5. Hi, MY ASR 10 rack has packed up- just a couple of lights are lit when power is on. Nothing on the screen, no sound. Could it be the main circuit board needs replacing and can you sell me one? I am in Hong Kong.

  6. Hi Tom!

    I think what your doing here is pretty incredible! I was wondering if you have any or the ability to make any DSS-1 upgrade cards? I would like one for my DSS1 and saw you had a couple last year but some time has passed

    thanks so much!


  7. Hi Tom!

    Thanks for all your hard work on this project! I was so excited when I found your info!

    I live in LA and am very interested in one of your upgrade cards for my DSS1. Do you have any still available?



  8. Tom,
    on and off there are rumors that your DSS-1 upgrade kit is available again.
    Can you tell us the truth, please?
    Is there hope to get one in the future?


    • Unfortunately it’s not available. I had enough parts left over to make a final run of 6 kits but they are all sold. I am still planning a new version, though it has taken much longer than I would like.

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