All posts for the month October, 2009

Loose Ends

I’m finally going on vacation! It’s only for a few days but it couldn’t come at a better time.

Jim continues to squash the odd bug here and there in the OS (currently 3.94 as of this entry). Portamento has been added, as has the ability to update the OS from a USB storage device. I’ve started compiling libraries onto flash disks, and am going to include them with the purchase of the kits (while supplies last!).

I’ve documented the install procedure and am in the process of writing the manual. I’ll probably get it done this weekend.

Picked up another used DSS-1. Someone had really bitched it trying to get it open. One side of the case was gouged where someone stuck a screwdriver trying to pry the lid up when the screw stripped. I found the reason why they wanted to open it up, a nice puddle of dried up soda right next to the power supply. Luckily it didn’t get in the electronics.

Also, I have lowered the prices on the LCD and combo drive options, as I’ve found lower priced options for both. The new LCD is yellow-green, not as flashy as the blue-white but still much better than no backlight at all!!

I’m going to start selling off my modded DSS-1’s. I think the software is at a point where it is pretty solid, and updating will be a breeze thanks to the flash ROM.