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I’ve had many people ask me about the DI-10 digital interface for the ASR-10. The most common questions are:

Is it still available, and what’s the price?

Yes it’s still available, it’s $179.00 plus shipping. The 20-pin interface cable is different for the rack version, so please let me know which version (keyboard or rack) you have.

You mentioned that there are issues related to heat buildup in the ASR-10 rack which prevents use with the DI-10. Have you come up with a solution?

I did originally believe that to be the case, but now I am convinced that that was a one-off problem with a particular ASR-10 rack. I have had several people install the DI-10 in their ASR-10 racks, and there hasn’t been any problems (that I’ve been made aware of, anyway).

Older ASR-10’s tend to have more issues due to component differences and age of the machine itself. So it’s possible that you could encounter issues with the DI-10 (similar to the 44.1kHz problem with the SCSI board). Unfortunately there’s no way to know if the DI-10 will function properly until you install it.