All posts for the month March, 2018

I’m currently organizing to get another batch of EPS16 SCSI boards made. I’m doing a bigger order this time so I won’t run out as quickly.

I have completely sold out of all the other boards, but will get more made, depending on customer demand. This includes the 5530 clone board and the ASR-10 SCSI and digital input boards.

I had some left over bare boards and parts from the first generation DSS-1 upgrade. It’s been quite a while since I built those, and getting all the pieces together was more work than I thought…the parts are harder to get now, the Xilinx ISE software won’t run properly on Windows 64 bit, I didn’t properly document which versions of the design files should be used, etc. Finally got them finished, though.

Many people have been asking about the new version, and unfortunately I don’t have an answer yet. I do have a large amount of the hardware design done, and getting the last of the original upgrades finished off has put me in the right frame of mind to continue on with the project. Time is the biggest resource that I lack. I’m at work 60 hours a week and unable to do work on outside projects during that time, and those of you with children know how your free time disappears on the weekends.

In the meantime I’ve started a few smaller projects, experiments really, to keep active. One of these is a digital output board, so you can bypass the DAC’s. For those synths and samplers which are mostly digital anyway. I’m going to try modifying a few of my synths and see how it goes. Will it sound better, bypassing the ancient analog sections? I’m going to find out.