10 comments on “ASR-10 SCSI boards now available

  1. My ASR 10 does not have a SCSI connection. Will this kit rectify that? I need to connect my ASR to my computer. Can you tell me what I need? What interface to use, and if this kit is not what I need then what?

    • What do you intend to do with the computer? Is it sequencing or sample editing? If it’s just sequencing, you just need a MIDI interface on your computer.

      • So I can do that without the SCSI? OK. Please give me all particulars in having the SCSI as I may want to still purchase your kit if it is still available. Anything i can do or have to enhance my ASR 10.

        • SCSI will give you the ability to load and save much faster, and organize sounds, banks, etc into folders. You can also boot up from SCSI and it will make operating it quicker in many respects.

      • Hi. I’m putting together a personal music studio and I want my ASR to connect and work flawlessly so i’m looking the best recommended PC, software, I have a TEAC interface so I can produce and record my music. Also would like recommendation on recorders also. I want to make it work and it starts with my ASR 10 which i’ve had for years and I still love it. Whatever i can do and need to make this happen would be appreciated with your advise.

        • My advice is to visit a music store, tell them what you have and what you want to accomplish. They will be far more knowledgeable on what options are available.

  2. Hey Tom,
    Do you still have these available? Does the SCSI port that plugs into the card and mounts to the back come with it? I am in the Bay Area of California. Thanks – Michael

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