13 comments on “DSS-1 upgrade kit status

  1. Hi Tom!
    Glad to read this. When do you think the kits will be orderable – I’d like to get one for my second DSS-1! 🙂

    • Yes, I’m still working on it…
      I’ve disassembled and analyzed most of the operating system. Next step is to rebuild the software on a newer microcontroller and add new features. After that, there will have to be new boards designed and built.
      -CPU upgrade board
      -New analog board (re-using existing filter chips) to allow for more filter options, resonance, external filter input, and more
      -memory expansion board
      Pricing and release date TBD.

  2. I would like to be informed of all news with the DSS 1 upgrades kits and their availability.
    My plan is to purchase one and have Allen Coppock at Synth Spa do the installation.

    I look forward with enthusiasm about getting closer to upgrading my DSS1. There is nothing else like it in any keyboard arsenal.

    Chris Geier
    Richmond VA
    804 549 1515

  3. Hey Tom, can I get on a waiting list? I live in the Bay Area. I would like you to do the work,let me know. Thanks – MH

    • I don’t have a waiting list, but I do have kits available at the moment. My time to do installations is very limited, but if you’re not in a rush I can get it done. Use the contact form (instead of the comments area) to send me a PM.

  4. Hi Tom,

    I would love to be informed when you have another run of DSS-1 upgrades.

    Many thanks


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