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  1. All the best and good luck! been checking your site for years and already glad someone has plans for the DSS-1.

      • Hi Tom,

        I just managed to score a DSS-1, here’s a newbie’s query if you don’t mind, while waiting for your upgrade to be ready later this year, would upgrading the floppy drive now to HXC floppy emulator drive be redundant once your upgrade installed?


  2. “I’m trying to design the mod in such a way that it will work on both the DSM-1 and DSS-1 with just a few firmware changes…”
    Is it still the way you aim to design the mod ? Or do you only have plan for DSS-1 ?
    Thanks !

  3. I have 2 DSS-1 and a DSM-1. I am looking forward to any progress on this. How exciting to see updates on this page!

  4. Very happy to have found this site!. I have been a dss-1 owner since 87 and it looks like I may need a new hard drive? all disks say format disk when inserted. I have the complete libraries. I don’t think they all got erased or unformatted Any Suggestions would help. Thanks.

    • Sounds like you need a new floppy drive. Or, install an HxC drive or Gotek with HxC firmware. You will need to convert your floppies to disk images with the HxC software or OmniFlop.

  5. Looking forward to let my dss upgrade in germany. Would i need to order from you or would the company who does the installation order it from you? Do you recomend a company in germany or near germany?

  6. Hello – I just took delivery of a friend’s DSS-1, and am interested in the newest upgrade revision once it becomes available.

    Best wishes that the new year allows you more free time to work on it, if it’s still an ongoing project!

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