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  1. Hej

    I just bought a p3000. This unit was actually serviced by you not that long ago, as the seller told me. Its a 2mb version, i guess its a rev A (the serialnumber is 87). It came with plenty of WC sound disks and the SCSI capable OS, and a diagnostics disk.
    I tried to load the diagnostics disk but the p3000 got stuck in loading. I assume. Do i have to wait for an hour to let the disk load? is this the actual diagnostics process? It just told me to wait, and i couldnt 🙂
    Id like to change the remote unit cable. From what i found out it should be a normal RJ22 or RJ45 cable, 6p6c. is this right, or am i missing an improtant specification there?
    Have yoiu got any experience about cable lenght? Im thinking buying 3m and 5-6m.

    I mostly use OS 2.04B but there are some other versions here. Should i use another version?

    In the manual I read about having Resonance as a modulation target. But it just doesnt show up in the list. Is this a question of the right OS, or did they just write that in the manual and never really implement it?
    its a shame it would really make the instrument more versatile if Q could be modulated.

    Im thinking about getting a SCSI Drive. Im guessing not any Drive would work with the p3000?
    I have an old ZIP100 lying around in storage. Could you tell me which drives are known to be working?
    Now Im reading it needs to be formatted by an OS7 mac. 🙂 another hurdle…
    maybe an emulator would work ? like this one? http://youtu.be/CkLgVx09r08
    still you have to have a SCSI port.
    Now im regretting throwing away my old pre PowerPC performa mac. would be perfect for this application.

    Im hoping you could answer a few of my questions. There is not that much info out there on the p3000. I havent fooled around with it for very long, but I already am amazed how sophisticated it is for an instrument from that era and of course its sound.


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